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Heather Jodzio
j pamela photography staff Heather Jodzio Office Manager

With a helpful attitude
and can-do spirit,
Heather has
managed the studio
for 18 years.

Whether scheduling
your session
or assisting in your image
she stands ready to answer
all your questions

Levi Rosen
j pamela photography staff Levi Rosen graphic designer

Excited to brag about our talented and compassionate digital artist, Levi Rosen. 

Levi and other photographers around the globe are using their considerable retouching skills to restore precious family photos all but destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Families who have flooded homes are given hope with the restoration of a treasured photo.

Levi sourced the idea and formation of Texas Photo Renovators whose mission is "to restore damaged photos and provide personalized care that helps families hold on to memories and find hope in rebuilding".

To see the full measure of the hope this project provides, click on this link.


Levi, we are so proud of you. You have a heart as big as Texas and a generous spirit that is a joy to behold

Levi is our photo-retoucher
and graphic designer.

He has a BFA in studio art/
digital media from UHCL,
and has been studying art
since the age of three.

Levi brings his imagination
and expertise to assure that
creative excellence is in
every portrait and image.