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I am so grateful that you gave me pictures of my baby early this morning instead of after school! I could die, I love them so much! My whole family agrees!!!! It was the definite pick me up I needed this morning! I don't think  I'll ever stop smiling today! Huge kudos to the photographer for making my day!

Gig 'em!










Jacqueline Carver

Pam Culpepper has been photographing my daughter, Sabrina, for the past 13 years. Pam's compassion and love of photography have made every session fun and exciting. I have always known that I can trust and depend on Pam's professionalism, but today she confirmed it. I found myself in a situation on a Saturday where I needed my daughter's program ad in color by Monday. She received my urgent text with a kindness that I truly appreciated. Without hesitation, she went to the studio and sent me the color ad. Now, all is great, and I am so appreciative of not only our photographer but my loyal friend, Pam.




Sabine Stromeyer

I was part of the "Just a Pretty Table" event, in charge of the "Moroccan Twist". First of all, it was very nice to see you again. You are an icon in the area! I also would like to thank you very much for all your efforts to save those memories for all of us with your beautiful pictures.







Kay McCrady Hastings

Pam is like a cherished member of our family. She has been taking my daughter Madison's photograph since she was a tiny... infant of 4 months old and last Saturday, she graduated from High School. Madison recently completed her senior memory photo board and represente d there was every school picture, dance picture, Halloween, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny and birthday photo that Pam had taken for the past 17 years. As a mom, I remember watching as Pam patiently took each photograph , trying to capture Madison in just the perfect way. And, as a school administra tor, for 29 years I had the privilege of enlisting Pam to take my students individual and class photograph s at Clear Lake Community Lab School. She treated each of my students as if they were her own. I always looked forward to each photo session with Pam as she always made every one such an enjoyable experience . I have never worked with a more profession al, kind and caring photograph er. Pam has been played such an important role in helping our family create memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.










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